English for the Religious - Priests, Seminarians, Brothers, Sisters

The Religious Life and English?

Priests, Seminarians, Brothers and Sisters work to provide spiritual counseling, give the Sacraments or take part in Religious ceremonies. Although Latin and Greek play a key role in the language of the Church English still comes in handy when communicating. Some religious are responsible for looking after their flock so being able to interpret religious texts for their congregation and giving advice on moral and spiritual issues. One of the duties of priests is to listen to confessions and determine appropriate penance. Priests are also often involved with charity work, visiting with people and providing support to those who are struggling. They may also choose to serve as chaplains at hospitals or work at other institutions such as private schools. So the use of English nowadays as an International language of the Church is very important.

We help those religious who may be:

Re-locating to an English speaking district or country

Moving to a school or seminary

Entering a religious community or noviciate 

Giving sermons to the faithful at Mass

Hearing Confessions or giving spiritual advice 

Giving the Sacraments, visiting the sick

Being able to understand Catholic texts in English

Understanding Old English Bible Texts(Early Modern English), Epistles and Gospels

Feel free to get in touch if you are / or know a servant of God who wishes to improve their English skills